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Ballot by mail

If you’re a college student and you know you’ll be away from home during the election...if your grandma won’t be able to drive herself to the voting booth...if you know you’ll be in Uganda building schools, never fear! VOTING IS EASY!!

1. Go to this link, print out the application:

2. Fill out boxes 1-6, your address is the address where you are registered to vote. Not sure? Check here:

3. This next part is most important(Box 7): grandma might check box one or two, but if you’re off traveling/serving/going to need to check BOX 3. Below box three, check the November election (yay!) and the “other” box. There is a bond election in Harris County this August. This will give you a chance to practice before the midterms!!

4. Box 9 is also important: decide WHERE you want your mail-in ballot sent: home or school? Houston or Uganda? Fill out the desired address in the big white box.

5. You can mail this application to the address listed on the bottom of the application OR email it to:

Bam! As soon as they get the application (address at the bottom) you will AUTOMATICALLY get a ballot send to you for the August AND November elections! Once you get it, send you ballot that same day. I cannot emphasize this enough. Right that moment. For the midterms, your mail-in ballot must be received by October 26th, which means AT THE LATEST you’re sending it October 22nd (same day as early voting! Yay!).

For those of us staying home, please early vote with me on October 22nd to show enthusiasm and set a good example for the next generation! Where? Here:…/EarlyVotingLocationsNonIE.pdf

Efforts to register citizens are wasted if we don’t vote. It’s this easy. Do it today and feel the magic tingle of that sweet representative democracy!